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I want to use dark colors in my home but I am concerned that it will make the rooms look too small. If I were to hire you, what could you do in order to prevent that from happening?
I get this question all the time. What I have found is that dark colors used with the right tonalities in the right rooms can actually open up the space of the home.
How do you use color to enhance a home? In other words, how can the use of coloring a home transform the overall feel of the space?
In many ways, both dramatic and subtle, colors, when well selected, create a sense of mood and flow from room to room that makes the space extremely inviting, stimulating, calming, inspiring, or'It all depends on what my client has in their hearts and minds in what they want to achieve in what the want in the look and feel of their home.
I am trying to sell my house but I am worried that the bright colors in the living room and bedrooms will distract potential buyers. What could you do to help our home sell?
What other people buy is other peoples paint. There are a number of ways to go with this. One is to create soft modulations of off whites and pale grays that flow from room to room offset by crisp whites on the ceiling. The other way is to create a fully and dramatically designed look for a more dramatic impact for potential buyers.
Why should I choose Transformed by Color? What makes you different than other companies offering similar things?
We offer very high quality painting and decorating services which I supervise and facilitate. My experience with the powerful potentialities of color and texture uses that allows me to give a unique service that I can offer my clients. Transformed by Color is more than just a name, it is the essence of what we do.