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Taking Good Care of Our Customers

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Regardless of the size of the job or whether the goal is the finest quality or a fast, inexpensive job, Michael and the Transformed By Color crew believe that satisfaction and success come from customers that get good value for their dollar and an excellent result. We are grateful for the kind words of so many of our customers.

I was totally depressed. I had to sell my house and move into a new blah condo. I explained to Michael and his assistant how important color was to me and I showed them numerous magazine pages I had cut out to give them an idea of what I wanted. They didn't laugh or poo poo me, nor tell me what they wanted to do. They made every effort to give me the colors and effect I wanted. They were just great!


These men came on time, were friendly, caring, played great Beatles music, and left me with not only a beautiful condo, but a clean condo. Other than the walls, you never would have known they spent a week by me. As I am a single person with disabilities, they were kind enough to not only move my furniture to enable them to paint, but moved the furniture back in place after the job was done. Now when I walk into my condo, I feel a smile light up my face and I feel a smile in my heart again!! The right colors and 'Transformed by Color' were better than any antidepressant I have taken.

Lisa S.
Working with Michael and his staff was a pleasure. I told him that I wanted a 'Tuscan' kitchen and a 'romantic' bedroom and he created a palette of art and beauty in both rooms. When people ask what color is my kitchen I tell them it is the color of an autumn in Tuscany .
Janice M.
It has been a pleasure working with you to select the right colors for my complete home renovation. Your patience and creative eye has helped ensure that each room has the colors that enhance the furniture and artwork. The painting was done in an efficient and timely manner. Thanks.
Bob S.
It was a great collaborative effort & I felt like it was a very synergistic end result. I'm very pleased with the color combination, even though it was a tricky one, somehow Michael managed to pull it off beautifully:
Marilyn D.
I can wholeheartedly recommend Michael Birnbaum of Shore Decor and Transformed by Color. He's done multiple jobs in our home in Lincoln Park . His specialty is color mixing and custom painting AND he does good old-fashioned painting just as well and with great service. Only you and he will be able to decide if this is a good fit. They do quality work, really listen to what you want, and suggests ideas that you can take or not. Has a real eye for color and effects.
Gail S.
When I came to Michael, I had one color I wanted, an image of what I wanted to see when I walked in the front door and a good measure of insecurity and confusion. But as we talked, colors started to rise to the surface. They announced themselves--pale yellow followed the deep teal and then opened the door to the deep tomato-ey red that demanded to inhabit the bathroom. These may not be your colors--but I am recommending the process that Michael sets in motion as he listens to your ideas, processes them through his artist's brain and returns them to you, fleshed out and real. He also looks to the details: the best white to make teal glow, how to make the ceiling float. His crew was always on time, worked efficiently and provided an exquisite level of finishing. They enjoyed their work and I enjoyed having them in my home. Now, I walk in the door and I hear a very soft 'buzz'; my rooms are saying Welcome home!
Merry W.